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Timber-Framed Home Renovation

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

This Jericho, Vermont family challenged Lewis Creek Builders to come up with holistic and cost-effective design solutions for the upper level of their existing timber-framed home.


The 4,000 sq. ft., 3 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom timber-framed home was almost 30 years old, and was starting to show its age.

WASTED SPACE: The existing common room was really just an overgrown transit zone to the bathroom and bedrooms.

There was also an abundance of unused vertical space up to the timber framing.

INSUFFICIENT STORAGE: The common room was prone to clutter since there was little other space for storage of personal items.

OUTDATED BATHROOM: The bathroom functioned but was in need of a face lift.

POOR AESTHETIC: From old carpeting to fading paint, the homeowners were unhappy with both the functional and cosmetic performance of the space.

The core design challenge was to render the entire volume from floor to ceiling a more attractive and functional space that serves the whole family, especially the two school-aged children.


Reconfigure the two bedrooms, bathroom, and common area to a more functional and integrated floor plan.

Innovative storage and organizational solutions for family of four.

Fresh aesthetic inspired by simplicity and emphasizing natural wood elements. Finish details which are clean and organic.

As Lewis Creek began to dive into this project, we captured some of the significant changes that took place.


A high-powered air scrubber from Build-Clean keeps the air clean and controls dust for a safe, healthy environment.

With all the walls removed, we have a clean slate to start with!

As framing begins, we start to see the new layout take shape.

Back at Lewis Creek headquarters, custom storage solutions are coming to life. Above, we see the ships ladder which will be used to access the newly created loft space.

Here we see the custom cabinet build which will be used in the bathroom as a vanity.

To maximize the space, we created custom built-ins for extra storage.


Natural wood finishes can be see throughout, including new floor and ceiling panels in the hallway.

A ships ladder made of Douglas Fir allows for access to the loft. 30-inch deep cabinets with adjustable shelving made by Lewis Creek Company provide massive amounts of storage.

In the newly created loft, structural tongue and groove decking make up the floor. It can be sanded and finished like hardwood, oiled, painted, or left raw like this.

Beautiful and functional bathroom updates include new floor tile, shower, custom built vanity and new fixtures.

Custom stained glass transom adds personality to the home.

What do you think of this transformation? Check out more of our designs here!


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