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Our Homes Shape Us: Why good design matters now more than ever

This has been a hard year. At the same time, the building industry has been thriving. It makes sense: If you have to stay home to stay safe, why not make your home as comfortable as possible?

Our needs in our homes have shifted. Many of us are working from home and many of us are spending more hours with our family members. We have to find ways to entertain ourselves and overcome feelings of isolation--all from within the home. We are learning more about ourselves, and how well our homes work, or do not work, for us.

The experience of living and working at home in a pandemic proves that home design matters. We at Lewis Creek have always felt this way, and now more than ever. At the end of 2020 we have learned that the way our homes are designed will impact how and whether our new needs are met.

But we have also learned that our homes shape us: the design of our homes actually help create our memories and the stories we tell about ourselves.

When we think about important memories, we often think of them with the backdrop of where they happened. We tend to "see" the event, replay it in our mind. For instance, we remember a park by a river where an important conversation happened. Sometimes the event makes the place feel more spectacular and meaningful because of what happened there.

But what if we wanted to think about this in the reverse? What if the place can help make the moment, and the memory, more spectacular? What if the place makes the moment possible?

In the next blog piece, we will bring in some fascinating new science that confirms that our built environments matter more than we may have ever imagined when it comes to building memories and understanding our life stories.

But right now, we at Lewis Creek want to remind you of our commitment to design that fits uniquely to the lives and dreams of our clients. You are asking more of your home than ever before. The details matter, and the possibilities are exhilarating--whether you are thinking about a modest renovation or a whole new home build.

By teaming up with Lewis Creek we can help you uncover the ways that your home can create more opportunities for you and your family. Opportunities for fun, reflection, growth, and dreaming. These opportunities must reflect who you are, who you want to be, and how you will endure during, and beyond, this pandemic.

We are thrilled to be a part of that process for our present and future clients, and to make 2021 a year of innovative and inspirational home design.


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