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How We Work

Partnering with a Design-Build team is having access to a wide range of expertise, a concerted process, and a deep level of collaboration, all within one point of contact.


01. Pre-Design & Analysis

We take measurements, construct an as-built model, and evaluate the existing conditions to determine zoning and building code viability along with structural viability.

02. Schematic Design

Conceptualize design with schematic drawings and 3-D renderings that explore what the project could look like. A preliminary budget ensures we're on the right track.

03. Project Development

The design is refined and further dialed into your unique aesthetic. We develop a work scope and really dig into the details to fine-tune your budget and your vision.

04. Pre-Build Mobilization

We plan, schedule, and mobilize our team and trades partners. We handle all zoning and building permits and line everything up to bring your vision to life.

05. Build It! Rough to Finish

​Hard work, skill, (and a little magic) from our carpentry crew transform your design from paper to reality. Weekly progress meetings keep you informed.

06. Move In!

​Enjoy your new space! Lewis Creek becomes your home partner for life. We stay in touch to make sure everything is to your satisfaction.

You gain efficiency, effectiveness, and value when you bring design and build under the same roof.

Featured Projects

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