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Todd Borgus


Todd has an extensive background in carpentry, with 43 years under his belt in commercial and residential construction. Todd has a degree in Business Management and spent many years as a sole proprietor building and remodeling in New York state. 

Todd enjoys the creativity and craft that goes into his work. In custom building and remodeling every project is different, every home is different.

Todd is originally from Dalton, New York. He currently lives with his partner, Suzanne, in Monkton. When Todd is not at work, he loves to embrace the Vermont outdoor lifestyle by hunting, hiking, skiing, or kayaking. He also enjoys music and taking his motorcycle out for a ride. One of Todd’s favorite drinks is green tea (hot or cold) and he loves blueberry muffins!

Did you know?

Todd’s nickname is Borgy.

Todd has always wanted to learn how to play pickleball.

People are often surprised to learn that Todd has been involved in theater since he was a boy. His parents ran a theater group, and he was in many musicals growing up

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