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Tina Maneen


Tina keeps the gears of Lewis Creek turning smoothly and as the company’s longest standing employee, is a wealth of institutional knowledge. Tina is drawn to Lewis Creek because of the creative aspects of our work and is always seeking out ways to better support our team. Tina has a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications and a professional background in print and graphic arts. She brings her artistic talents to Lewis Creek’s website and visual marketing.


Tina is originally from Watertown, New York but has called Vermont home for many years. She lives in Vergennes, Vermont’s smallest city, with her cat and three kids. Outside of work, Tina spends most of her time watching kids play sports and driving the ‘Mom Taxi’ to and from said sporting events!

Did you know?

Tina’s childhood nickname was ‘Tiny’ because, in her words, “I’m wicked short.”


If she could have a superpower it would be go-go gadget arms and legs.


Tina was an athlete in school, she competed in wrestling and her high school soccer team won the D-1 championship!

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