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Saryn Campbell


Saryn works to support robust and efficient project management across all Lewis Creek projects, including the ways in which we bring clients, trades partners, and our team together to achieve project goals. She is the mastermind behind many of the tools and strategies we use to manage critical project information, solve challenges, and support our clients in getting the most out of their project. Saryn has a civil engineering degree, with a focus on structural and architectural engineering, from Clarkson University and has eleven years of commercial project management experience in addition to her work in residential construction at Lewis Creek.


Saryn is drawn to Lewis Creek because she loves the connection of our work to the people we work with. She loves that we get to help people make their homes work better for them by understanding their unique goals and priorities.

Saryn is from West Bolton and currently lives in Bolton with her beloved puppy dog, Riley. She chose to live in Vermont because, why would someone want to live anywhere else? ;) Trees, mountains, lakes! Outside of work Saryn enjoys woodworking, crafting, sailing, skiing, snowboarding, biking, hiking, and canoeing. Saryn is known for delivering handmade gifts to brighten people’s day.

Did you know?

Saryn has always wanted to learn how to play the piano.


People are often surprised to know that Saryn can juggle!


Saryn has a collection of vintage things: bikes, doors, hardware, and much more.

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