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Beautiful Bathroom Reconfiguration

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Lewis Creek Builders partnered with this family in 2015 to remodel a bathroom on the second floor of their Williston, Vermont home. They chose Lewis Creek’s proven design-build process again two years later to re-envision their children’s shared bathroom. The existing wide-open layout was actually hindering the function of the space. A nearly 9-foot long vanity dominated the room, the shower was undersized, and the toilet was tucked uncomfortably in the corner under a dormer, completely across the room from the sink! The challenge of this design was to turn a broad, relatively blank canvas into a functional, contemporary, and aesthetically pleasing space.

While it’s more common for us to knock down walls, in this case, it made sense to break up the large footprint of the room by adding purposeful separations of space. We created a dividing wall to conceal the toilet and moved the knee wall under the sloped ceiling forward to create a nook perfectly-sized for a bathtub. The addition of room dividers gave each fixture a defined area, created additional storage opportunities, and improved the functional flow in this shared space.

With clients that were precise, decisive, and excited by the design process, we charged forward with a design that was not only functional and beautiful but also featured a really fun design element–a floating vanity with underlighting.

Because the bathroom had plenty of square footage to spare, we brought in the existing perimeter wall 3.5” and built a new partition between the vanity and bathtub. This aligned the previously off-center window with the middle of the new vanity for better aesthetic balance.

A half wall built on-top of the existing exterior wall allowed us to conceal the vanity plumbing without sacrificing insulation, and created a unique opportunity to integrate the window trim into the vanity design giving the whole unit a custom, built-in look.

The light strips added to the vanity and bath create a relaxing atmosphere and provide enough brightness to get away without glaring overhead light at night.

The new, extra-thick partition wall not only provides privacy, but is also home to a custom towel niche and built-in glass shelves.

The two-sided glass shower enclosure contains water without sacrificing light and it’s spacious feel. In contrast, the bathtub feels cozy and private within its tiled nook.

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