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Nate Lozier


Nate has spent his carpentry career in frame-to-finish residential building and remodeling. He takes a lot of pride in caring for people’s homes and making them better. Nate enjoys digging in to understand the goals of a project and seeing the progress towards those goals each day. Nate is known for his even-keeled attitude and his beloved truck (it’s old, it’s red, it’s cool).

Nate is from Jericho and stays in Vermont for all it has to offer. Nate enjoys music, exploring nature, old stuff, starting projects, sports, gardening, thrift shopping, campfires, and videogames. Some of his favorite things are PB&J sandwiches, Cadbury chocolates, and sugar cookies

Did you know?

If Nate could have any superpower it would be to have supernatural musical talent.

Nate has always wanted to learn how to fly a jet.

Nate’s favorite movie quote is “How much do you want to bet I can throw this football over them mountains?” from Napolean Dynamite

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