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Michael Forkas


Michael has a variety of professional experience in and outside of the trades. He spent a decade working in operations for Fortune 500 companies, he worked on a charter boat crew in the USVI, as ESL teacher overseas, as well as in restaurants. Michael has an Associates degree in Liberal Studies and is a Dale Carnegie graduate.


Michael is always working to hone his skills in the trades and create great outcomes for our clients. He hopes to build a house for himself one day that he can pass down to his son. Michael is drawn to his work because he believes Lewis Creek sets a new standard in the industry as it relates to communication, empathy, and opportunities for professional development. He appreciates the family atmosphere and feels truly cared for as a team member.

Michael is from Burlington and currently lives in Hinesburg with two housemates. After living overseas for three years, his perception was solidified that Vermont is a one of a kind place. It's clean, safe, and beautiful. Outside of work Michael enjoys tennis, snowboarding, hiking, woodworking, and diving into whatever interests his son wants to get into next!

Did you know?

Michael has always wanted to learn salsa dancing.


His favorite line from a movie is, “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know which one you're gonna get.” - Forrest Gump.

Michael has an expansive collection of clothes, shoes, hats, and outfits. He could clothe the whole company three times over!

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