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Layne Darfler


Layne brings a wealth of knowledge to our team. They hold a degree in Environmental Studies from Paul Smith's College, where a community resilience class that focused on land use planning and a short study abroad in Germany sparked their interest in land use and design. Layne also has a Masters degree from the former Green Mountain College in Resilient and Sustainable Communities. They started their career in land use planning as a county planner and local development coordinator for Washington County, NY. They then took a position with the City of Burlington, Vermont as a Permit Technician, which led to a position as the Assistant Zoning Administrator for the Town of Stowe . Layne’s work in zoning led them to discover that they loved the building industry but wanted to be more involved in the entire process from start to finish– welcome to construction Project Management! Layne’s passion for zoning (yes, that’s a thing) continues to be met by serving on the Development Review Board in their community.  
What Layne likes most about working in the building industry is being able to see an idea on paper transformed into a physical structure in the community. They enjoy putting all the puzzle pieces together to figure out how to make that happen. Layne is inspired by the diversity of projects and the collaborative team environment at Lewis Creek. They are passionate about the value the organization places on working collaboratively with homeowners to achieve their vision for their home, without pushing a standard sample model or cookie cutter solutions.
Lanye is from Kingsbury, in upstate New York, and currently lives in Waterbury with their partner, Sarah. They think living in Waterbury is awesome because it is centrally located to everything they love to do. Layne followed their career over the NY/VT border in 2016, but stayed for the community they found here (plus the views aren't half bad either). In their spare time they enjoy playing rugby, broomball, softball, bowling, and taking their pup The Dude (yes, that’s a Big Lebowski reference) on adventures.

Did you know?

Layne's favorite destination is sitting around a bonfire with a bunch of friends.

Their guilty pleasure is comedy and true crime/paranormal podcasts.


People are often surprised to find out that Layne coaches the women's Burlington Rugby Football Club.

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