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Kat Nopper


Kat is a DSA Residential Interior Designer (RIDE Certified). Kat uses her passion for design and her attention to detail to support the design and development process, and to support our clients in the many decisions that come with a custom building or remodeling project. Kat has Bachelors in Political Science and Spanish from UVM and a Masters in Liberal Studies from Duke. She has been lucky to pursue her academic interests around critical theory and aesthetics and also has a professional background in administration and legal assistance. She has also worked in the agricultural industry!  


Kat has always been fascinated with the idea of home and what makes a home comfortable, unique, and personal. She wrote a Masters thesis critiquing the aesthetics of speculative housing and gentrification in Durham, North Carolina. She is thrilled to constantly be learning new things about construction and design everyday at Lewis Creek and helping clients work through the details of their project.

Kat is from Putney and currently lives in Essex with her person, Michael, and her dog, Harlan. She left Vermont and then came back, realizing that the hills, the valleys, the pace of life here is a part of keeping her mind and body happy. She doesn’t plan to leave again! Outside of work, Kat enjoys dog park maintenance, crime/mystery novels, and volunteering on a restorative justice panel.

Did you know?

If Kat could have a superpower, it would be ‘instant dinner’ - just think it and it appears, no cooking time necessary.


Her guilty pleasures are cheese puffs and foreign crime mystery shows.


As a child, Kat was an avid hoola-hooper. She even tried to go for the Guinness World Record but gave up after 10 minutes.

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