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Josh Johnson


Josh began learning about building and carpentry at age 16 and has decades of professional experience in commercial and residential construction. Josh is passionate about helping people and has also spent many years in the fire service.

Josh enjoys that there are always new methods and materials to learn in the trades. He is motivated by being able to share his knowledge, as well as the satisfaction of seeing a project complete and well done. Josh is a natural problem solver and is excited by the math and engineering involved in construction. He finds the incremental progress on the job site each day very rewarding.


Josh was born and raised in Vermont. He enjoys being outdoors, whether it’s a short hike or playing catch with his son. His driving force in life is to be a positive example for his awesome son, Landon.

Did you know?

Josh's favorite destination is a sunny, warm and peaceful oceanside beach.

His guilty pleasure is peanut butter cookies.

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