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Josh Swasey


Josh worked in many different office settings unrelated to the building industry before choosing a career in the trades. Coming to Lewis Creek as Carpenter’s Apprentice in 2017, he has been working to absorb every piece of information possible about building science. Josh is a dedicated learner and uses all resources available to seek out new information and techniques. Josh is drawn to the design-build world because of the joy of being able to witness, and be part of building, the transition from dream to reality. 

Josh grew up in Burlington and currently lives in St. Albans with his wife, son, daughter, and dog. He loves living in Vermont because his family is here and because there are no big scary bugs.

Did you know?

If Josh could have a superpower, it would be flight.


Josh has always wanted to learn to skateboard.

His dog’s name is Charlie, a reference to Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

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