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Joe Cicia


Joe was raised in a military family and with a father who built, plumbed, powered, grew, or hunted everything they had. From a young age, Joe was always fascinated with how to get the end results of building something great. As a young adult, Joe spent his summers working construction with great carpenters, always paying close attention to those with more experience and committed to developing his own skillset. Joe has a depth of experience in all types of carpentry, specializing in millwork. He appreciates that in the building industry, every project brings new challenges to overcome, and with that a chance to grow and improve. Joe is inspired by knowing the things he builds and the projects he’s a part of will improve the life of the people he’s building for.
Joe was born in August, Georgia but considers himself a native Vermonter. He's lived here most of his life, although he spent a few years in the Carolinas in his 20's. To Joe, Vermont will always be home. Joe is an avid sportsman. Lake Champlain is his happy place–where he enjoys boating, fishing, and swimming.

Did you know?

Joe's last name, Cicia, is pronounced “chee-chee”.
His guilty pleasure is anything with peanut butter.

People are often surprised to find out that Joe loves to dance!

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