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Jennifer Thelemarck


Jennifer has a professional background in hospitality and a degree in Social Work. Much of her work has been specifically dedicated to opening and managing the set up of new properties. In her hospitality career, she enjoyed being involved in the planning and oversight of constructing new properties to create spaces that were operationally and functionally optimized. 

Jennifer has a passion for digging into the details in the design and preconstruction phase of a project. She was drawn to construction Project Management by a desire to be more involved in construction projects start to finish. 

Jennifer was born in the Carolinas, but moved to the Midwest when her father got out of the military. She now lives in South Burlington with her husband, Pete, their son Kaj, two cats, Ginger Dot and Whiskers, and many fish, frogs, or other reptiles her son drags home in his pockets. Her family moved to Vermont to raise their son, surrounded by family and the great outdoors. Jennifer enjoys gardening, swimming, hiking, biking, and skiing.

Did you know?

One of Jennifer’s childhood nicknames is blondyblue, which is her radio name from her sailing days.

Jennifer has always wanted to learn how to play the banjo.
When Jennifer was a child she raced dirt bikes on ice with her dad. She still loves riding motorcycles, but mostly on the road these days.

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