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Glen Bluto


Glen has an extensive carpentry background, with over three decades under his belt in commercial and frame-to-finish residential construction. Glen comes from a family of tradespeople, his grandfather was a carpenter and even spent some time in the Shelburne Shipyard working on ferries, including the Ticonderoga. Glen has his own woodshop and a hobby of making cabinets and fine furniture. Glen also has an associate degree in Criminal Justice, has a Critical Path Method certification, and is a Naui-certified scuba diver.

Glen was born in Burlington, raised in Milton, and currently lives in Fletcher, Vermont. He loves Vermont for the four seasons and the beauty of the Green Mountains. When Glen is not at work, he can typically be found doing more woodwork for fun in his shop. Glen has a penchant for sweet treats, coffee, and lemonade.

Did you know?

Glen’s favorite movie quote is “Go ahead…Make my day.” from the film Sudden Impact.

Glen has always wanted to learn how to fly a helicopter.

People might be surprised to learn that Glen collects books.

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