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Erin Hogan


Erin is a recent graduate of Middlebury College where she studied Environmental and Architectural studies. She has a love for design and is specifically inspired by the work of developing a project in the most sustainable manner possible while concurrently representing the client’s goals carefully and accurately. As Erin gained experience working on design projects that proceeded to the construction phase, she developed an understanding of the disconnect that can easily form between the design-side and the build-side of this industry when there is not a connected team working together towards the same goal. That phenomenon is what caused Erin to seek out the world of design-build. Her desire for a sustainable and client-forward environment then drew her to Lewis Creek.


Erin finds the construction industry to be a total mind and body workout! You work physically, whether building, or procuring materials, or interacting with the site. In addition, the work requires you to be thinking both logically and creatively. AND, added into the mix is the element of care for the clients and their spaces and the need to exercise emotional intelligence. Altogether, it is quite an exciting workout!
Erin moved to Vermont from southern New Jersey for college. She enjoys spending her time outside in all seasons - hiking, running, biking, skiing! She also loves to cook, vegetarian twists on classic dishes are her specialty! She is also an avid rugby fan and a (less avid) rugby player!


Did you know?

As a new resident of Burlington, Erin's current favorite destination is the Burlington Bike Path by Perkins Pier - one of the most beautiful sunsets she's ever seen. 

Currently, her guilty pleasure is the Pillsbury printed holiday sugar cookies (because the Halloween ones somehow taste superior to the rest). However, she really cannot turn down any homemade sweets.

People are often surprised to find out that Erin studied classical piano for 15 years!

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