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Emily Morse


Emily has been fascinated by the built environment for as long as she can remember and has been designing the spaces around her for almost as long. She comes from a long line of builders and tradespeople and holds a degree in Architecture from the University of Massachusetts.


Emily loves using architectural design to make everyday life easier and more fun; balancing the simple with the unexpected so the result is a truly personalized and functional space.  

Emily currently splits her time between Winooski and Jeffersonville. When she’s not deep in a design, you’ll most likely find her on the mountain where she’s a volunteer ski patroller and a mediocre mountain biker.

Did you know?

If Emily could have a superpower, it would be weather control, because it can be as powerful or as playful as she wants it to be.


She is trained in first aid but really wants to learn how to suture, in case of an emergency!


One of Emily’s favorite pastimes is watching Jeopardy and shouting answers at the tv, and she dreams of one day running her own pub trivia game. Ask her for a fun fact! 

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