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Chris Swasey


Chris started his career in the trades working alongside his mother, a fellow carpenter. He has a great depth of experience in frame-to-finish renovations, new construction, fine woodworking, and building science. Chris is also a Passive House Certified Builder and is passionate about applying high-performance and green building principles pragmatically to improve a home’s comfort, efficiency, and overall environmental impact. He is kindly referred to as a 'geek,' and he is energized by digging into technical details, learning new things, and finding creative solutions to building challenges. 


Chris has always loved working with wood, but his true passion is partnering with clients to make a space truly functional. “When a home is made to work particularly and perfectly for the folks who love it, I feel truly fulfilled.”


Chris grew up in Chittenden County and currently lives in Huntington with three generations of family, including a little one who is obsessed with kids’ books about construction. Chris loves Vermont and no matter the season, you can find him outdoors. Chris also plays guitar (very badly, he claims), and has a peculiar affection for old stuff that can be made useful again, including a 1970 electric tractor and antique hand tools such as planes, saws, and chisels. In his free time, Chris is usually trying to fix something, exploring nature with his son, or finding new ways to make the most out of his 3-acre homestead.

Did you know?

Chris’s favorite laying hen is named Dorothy. Yes, he has a favorite chicken.


Chris’ favorite line from a book is, “God damn it, you've got to be kind." -- Kurt Vonnegut, 'God Bless you, Mr. Rosewater'.


As a child Chris loved board games that required a lot of set up: Stratego, mouse-trap, and this really elaborate board game called Sub-Search (a 3-d version of battleship that was way too intense).

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