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Aaron Guinness


Aaron brings over two decades of experience in residential and commercial construction to his work at Lewis Creek. Always learning, Aaron is also a certified IKO shingle installer, and has enjoyed deepening his education with seminars on flashing, constructing circles and ellipses, and evaluating the moisture content of building materials.

Aaron’s biggest strength is on-site problem solving. His favorite tasks are custom trim work and cabinetry. What brought him to Lewis Creek is the client-focused approach to Design-Build work. “It's your home, it should be up to you!” he says.


Aaron is a lifelong Vermonter, growing up in Jericho and currently living in Johnson. He enjoys the mountains and thinks Vermont is a great place to raise his kids. Aaron lives with his girlfriend of twenty-two years, his seventeen-year-old son, his eleven (going on twenty-two)-year old daughter, and their two dogs. Outside of work you can find Aaron hiking, camping, and enjoying being out on Lake Champlain.

Did you know?

If Aaron could have a superpower, it would be teleporting. He spends way too much time in his truck.

Aaron loves the TV shows Swamp People and RuPaul's Drag Race.


He collects pewter dragon figurines.

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