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Sam Sharff


Sam supports Lewis Creek projects by managing logistics, advising on construction challenges, and fostering ongoing learning and growth in our Build Team. He works to elevate the best parts of being a design-build team by working to ensure that our field experience and carpentry expertise is being leveraged at every stage of our collaborative process. Sam started his career as a Carpenter's Apprentice at age twenty-one and has been a Carpenter and a Lead Carpenter at Lewis Creek. Prior to carpentry he worked on farms and in restaurants.


As a carpenter, Sam specialized in renovations of older homes. He finds the challenges presented by working inside existing structures uniquely engaging. Sam is drawn to Lewis Creek because of the passion he sees in his teammates and a culture that seeks constant growth and improvement at all levels of this organization.


Sam is from Arlington, Massachusetts and currently resides in St. George with his lovely partner Sarah, two awesome children, Livi and Henry, and his incorrigible dog, Desi. He chose to live in Vermont because of the natural beauty and the independence and good-nature of those that live here. When he’s not working, Sam enjoys hiking, skiing, gardening, and ultimate frisbee.

Did you know?

Sam’s guilty pleasure is reading lots of sci-fi and fantasy novels.


As a child Sam was known for dressing up as a cowboy and riding a stick horse called “Mary-Legs” to school every day for several years. To some he is still known as Cowboy Sam…


In high school, Sam set a school record for the most jello cups consumed in a single sitting.

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