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Hank Farrell


Hank is a skilled carpenter with over 20 years of experience in the trades. Hank finds solving the challenges that arise when building and remodeling very fulfilling–there is always something to learn. He holds fast to the belief that being a successful carpenter comes down to how gracefully and creatively one can build a solution amid the inevitable unknowns and stumbling blocks of a project. Hank is a lifelong learner and also has several master’s degrees (no, none of them relate directly to carpentry).

Hank is originally from southern Vermont and loves being outdoors. He currently lives in Underhill with his wife, Robin, and their dog, Dr. Immaculata Pilar Bonkers (Immy for short.) He loves Vermont because it is the best place he knows of for letting folks just be themselves. When he’s not working, Hank has a hobby of restoring old Volkswagen buses and motorcycles, and he plays in a band! Hank also has a passion for writing and was humbled and honored to be nominated for a Pushcart Prize in poetry in 2022.

Did you know?

Hank’s name is actually Liam, he goes by Hank after his granddad and is proud to use it.

If Hank could have any superpower it would be to make toast with his eyes.

As a kid, Hank was known for his obsession with World War II history

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